A Loyal Base of Theatre Enthusiasts

Sold Out Crowd consists of a loyal base of theatre enthusiasts who are either on a tight budget or have an appetite for live entertainment that exceeds their financial means. Members are required to follow a strict Code of Conduct that emphasizes promptness, courtesy, and discretion. You can read the Code of Conduct on our Membership Agreement page.

The membership crowd loves theatre and loves to talk about it. Sold Out Crowd members tell their friends and families to purchase tickets to the shows they’ve seen and also post positive reviews on Facebook, Twitter, blogs, theatre chat rooms, event listings and more! Sold Out Crowd members want every theatre to have a sold out crowd.



Member Since: 2011
Over 1,000 shows seen through Sold Out Crowd!

There are theatre fans and there are theatre fanatics. Amy sees an average of over 300 shows a year! She is incredibly enthusiastic about supporting the theatre community. She supports her favorite theaters with generous donations and subscriptions, but seeing this many shows each year requires at least a few comp tickets!



Member since 2023
Shows seen through Sold Out Crowd – 6

“I didn’t go to the theater much in DC because the cost was ridiculously prohibitive, but when I moved to LA in October of 2023 to be closer to my son, a co-worker, who is a working actress, told me about Sold Out Crowd. Since joining, we’ve been to several shows, all of which have been fantastic. What we love about the program is the wide range of theaters, variety of shows. We’ve seen dramas, musicals, even comedy.”

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Member Since: 2014
Shows seen through Sold Out Crowd: 158

“I took my eight-year-old girl Summer to the symphony for the first time in her life and she was on cloud nine.”

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Member Since: 2021
Shows seen through Sold Out Crowd: 18

“Sold Out Crowd vastly expanded my theater experience. As a member, I’ve enjoyed incredible shows I wouldn’t have seen otherwise. It’s a such brilliant concept – connecting audiences with varied and compelling theatrical productions and making the arts accessible for everyone. Sharing these experiences with my friends and family has been priceless. Sold Out Crowd is like a secret weapon for theater enthusiasts, making it possible to witness top-notch performances without breaking the bank. It’s a must for anyone who loves live shows – they’ve helped make the arts truly for everyone.”



Member Since: 2023
Shows seen through Sold Out Crowd: 7

“I am a Union Actor and come from a Union Family. When the Writers went on strike, I was there because when we all support each other we win. It takes a village. I know this and so does Sold Out Crowd. I cannot express how grateful I am to Sold Out Crowd and those who make it possible for the opportunity to be able to see a quality show, despite trying times, and be reminded through great performances why it was we originally were attracted to the arts and stay encouraged. From the bottom of my heart as an artist, thank you Sold Out Crowd!”

Jim and Char Abney for SOC-1


Member Since: 2010
Shows seen through Sold Out Crowd: Over 400

“Sold Out Crowd is an incredible value. We love the intimacy of live performances, whether it be a play, musical or concert experience. The wide variety and breadth of offerings allow us to see popular shows, as well as other events we may not have been aware of. Many of these lesser-known productions have been true gems.”



Member since 2017
Shows seen though Sold Out Crowd: 33

“I am enjoying being able to go to the theatre on a regular basis and watch so many wonderful shows. I am a senior citizen, on a very restrictive budget. If it weren’t for Sold Out Crowd, my wife and I would not be able to afford going to the theatre, that I love so much. It means so much to me since, I am an actor and member of SAG, AFTRA and AEA for well over fifty years. Thank you once again and keep up the good work.”