Theatre Production Services

Filling seats is just the beginning…


List complimentary tickets with Sold Out Crowd and we’ll fill your theatre with courteous, enthusiastic and discreet individuals who will support your production during previews, press nights or for any performance that needs an extra boost. With over 800 members (many of whom have been with us for a decade) and a network of cause-oriented organizations, Sold Out Crowd is a robust community supporting the Los Angeles theatre community it loves.

Listing a show is easy! Simply submit your show information to Sold Out Crowd, and we’ll fill your seats. List as few or as many tickets as you like. List as last-minute as you need. List tickets exclusively to members or open your listing to Sold Out Crowd’s network organizations. Filling up? Simply contact Sold Out Crowd and we’ll be happy to return any unreserved tickets. We just ask that you honor any reservations that have been made by that time.



Sold Out Crowd members are secret weapons in promoting Los Angeles theatre. They love theatre and love to talk about it. Sold Out Crowd members encourage others to purchase tickets to the shows they’ve seen and also post positive reviews on Facebook, Twitter, blogs, theatre chat rooms, event listings and more! Plus, they spread the word without mentioning they received a complimentary ticket.

Demographics & Feedback

When you list a show with Sold Out Crowd, you can request that we gather feedback from attending members and distribute it to you or your marketing staff. Use our standard audience feedback form or design your own. Request positive feedback from members who give their permission to share their praise or request all feedback to be used privately to learn how audiences are reacting to your show. You may also request the demographic information of attending members and we’ll provide it when available.



Tough economic times have left too many theatres reaching out to anyone and everyone who can help them keep their doors open. If you have a fundraiser, petition, or other call to action that you’d like to share with us, simply send it along and we’ll include it in the “Help us help you” section of our member newsletter, which is read by our more than 800 members.

We’re happy to provide all these free services and more to the companies that list with us!