Listing your show will take you less than 3 minutes. It’s as simple as emailing us with:

 – A link to your site where we can pull the show image, blurb, and any other important information about age appropriateness, parking, etc.

 – Show dates and times along with the quantity of tickets you want to list.

– A list of any email addresses you would like us to send the final list to 3 hours prior to curtain (or earlier if you request).

 – Alternatively, you can fill out our listing form.

You are welcome to reach out to us at any time to see how your tickets are moving. If you’d like to check more frequently, we can also set you up with an account so that you can log in to our site at any time to see how many tickets have moved.

Every show and every date are different. We can sometimes fill seats in as little as 24 hours. It never hurts to try!

Our goal is to put your tickets in the hands of people who don’t have the financial means to purchase them and who will return your generosity by spreading the word about your shows to those who can afford to buy tickets. 

While it is impossible to verify each member’s financial situation, one way we strive to stay off the radar of patrons who can afford your tickets is by not advertising to the general public. The vast majority of our members find us through word of mouth, and we remind our members often to ONLY share our information with others who have an appetite for live entertainment that exceeds their budget. We do not allow members to discuss complimentary tickets or Sold Out Crowd while attending your shows.

When you list with us, you are more than welcome to also list with any other ticketing organizations. We just ask that you put a hold on the tickets you have listed with us to avoid overselling. If you begin to sell out, you are always welcome to reduce inventory on our site. We just ask that you honor any tickets that have been reserved by our members by that point.

We are generally available to help with last minute issues including during the evenings and weekends. We provide an emergency phone number when we send you your final list.

We keep our doors open by charging a membership fee and a small processing fee per ticket. You are doing more than enough by simply sharing your unused tickets with us. You pay nothing to list.

While our relationship with producers is symbiotic (you pay nothing to list with us) we charge our members an annual fee as well as a per ticket service charge in order to pay our staff and keep our doors open so that we can keep the service free for producers.

We donate to a select number of not-for-profit theaters who list consistently with us.

We encourage our members to spread positive word of mouth about shows they have enjoyed, and to keep it to themselves if a certain show is not for them. We do not allow them to post about comp tickets or Sold Out Crowd. That behavior is met with strict repercussions, including paused or canceled memberships.