2 Ticket Membership

Allows 2 tickets per event.
$95 per year

4 Ticket Membership

Allows 4 tickets per event.
$190 per year

Ready to become a member of the best kept secret in the theatre scene? We can’t wait to show you our complimentary ticket offers. But first, it is vital that you read and agree to some important rules. Convincing producers to give us free tickets is quite a feat, and it requires more rules than you would have to follow if you purchased your tickets.

Members must agree and adhere to the following rules and regulations of Sold Out Crowd. Failure to do so will result in membership penalties such as downgrades without refunds or membership termination.


Sold Out Crowd memberships start at $95 per year for 2 tickets per show.  Each ticket is subject to a non refundable $4 processing fee per ticket.
Members are responsible for honoring or canceling reservations. Honoring reservations means arriving on or before the ticket pickup deadline with photo id and vaccination card (when required by the theater).  All tickets that have been reserved must be used. Members must be prepared to print out and present a confirmation page if it is required in the listing. Producers reserve the right to cancel a reservation if a member arrives later than the required pick-up time.

If you must cancel, please honor cancellation deadlines (normally 3.5 hours prior to showtime). If you absolutely must cancel one or more of your tickets after the deadline, it is crucial that you notify Sold Out Crowd, NOT the venue.

Reservations and memberships are non-transferable. Tickets must always be picked up by the member who reserved them, on or before the time specified in the listing. Gifting tickets to others without going yourself is forbidden.


The cost for a 12 month, 2 ticket membership is $95. This option allows members to order up to 2 tickets per show. The cost for a 12 month, 4 ticket membership is $190, which allows members to order up to 4 tickets per show. Memberships are automatically renewed each year unless the auto-renewal feature on the My Membership page is turned off.


As of August 30th, 2021, all memberships will be auto-renewed at the time of expiration. By purchasing membership you are agreeing to this auto-renewal at the end of the membership year by default. If you do not wish to have your membership auto-renewed, please click My Account, and then “My Membership” from the drop down menu and then turn off “Auto-Renew.”


No-shows are perhaps the biggest deterrents for producers who distribute complimentary tickets, and our no-show policy helps to prevent reserved seats from sitting empty. Members who reserve tickets to a show, do not cancel and and do not arrive to pick up tickets will be subject to a $20 per ticket fine, which will be donated to the theater which issued the ticket(s). Repeat offenses will lead to frozen or canceled memberships. Simply put, it is always better that we hear from you (even during or after the show, if an emergency has occurred) before we get a complaint from the theater.


Seating assignments are allocated at the discretion of the theatre and are not made available until members pick up their tickets. Members must sit in the seat in which they are assigned for the duration of the performance unless the tickets are standing room only or general admission. If tickets are standing room only, this information will be provided in the listing.


The following activities are strictly prohibited at the theatre:

  • Sitting in any seat other than the one assigned
  • Disrupting the production in any way
  • Complaining about anything unless feedback is requested by theatre staff, or you withstand physical injury while on theatre property
  • Contacting the theatre for any reason (including cancellation, requesting more complimentary tickets, requesting information).  If you require assistance with ADA seating, please contact Sold Out Crowd at least 24 hours prior to showtime.  We will make every effort to assist with requests for reasonable accommodations
  • Blogging, posting, or discussing complimentary tickets while on theater property
  • Selling or gifting tickets reserved through Sold Out Crowd
  • Leaving before the show is over

Members must dress appropriately. Member discretion is required as every theatre is different. However, business casual attire is usually a safe choice. When a show requires a specific dress code, it will be noted in the listing. Flip-flops, tank tops, and other beachwear are never appropriate.

Though unlikely, if a member is refused tickets at the theatre for any reason, the member must comply respectfully and contact Sold Out Crowd. Sold Out Crowd will swiftly resolve the matter and compensate the member appropriately.


Sold Out Crowd is not responsible for any inaccuracies in the listings as show information is provided by the theaters offering tickets.

Members are responsible for reading listings carefully and following all rules and terms outlined within.

Members are responsible for doing their own research on all show information that is important to them before ordering tickets. Information about the nature of performances (previews, opening nights, understudy performances, solo performances, age appropriateness) may not always be available or listed. If you cannot find the information you determine vital to your enjoyment of the show, please do not reserve tickets. It is never appropriate to contact the theatre to ask for information when planning on ordering a complimentary ticket.

Sold Out Crowd reserves the right to allow any member(s) or group(s) first access to tickets based on past behavior at a theatre, behavior with Sold Out Crowd staff, or for any reason deemed appropriate.


Refunds of membership fees will be provided only if a member has not used his/her membership within the first 30 days and does not wish to continue.

Refunds of ticket processing fees will be provided only if the theatre does not honor a reservation or there was an inaccuracy in the listing regarding date or location of show.

Annual Dues will be waived when a member refers 10 people who become Sold Out Crowd members in one membership year.

Annual Dues will be discounted by $65 when a member reserves and honors 75 reservations in one membership year.  The member must request this prior to renewal date.

No refunds will be granted for any other reason, including forced cancellation due to behavior.

Sold Out Crowd reserves the right to terminate or downgrade any membership at any time without refund if the member does not follow the rules above.

Purchase of a membership plan, either the 2 ticket or 4 ticket plan, constitutes an agreement to follow the rules and regulations of the Sold Out Crowd “Membership Agreement”